Rehabilitation and Construction of Water Network in the Cities of Kasan and Mubarak


The Saudi Fund for Development and the OPEC Fund for International Development approved a request of the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan for a loan to improve water supply in the Kasan and Mubarek districts of the Kashkadarya region through the implementation of the project “Reconstruction of the water supply system in the Kasan district, Mubarek and rural settlements adjacent to the conduit from the Kitab-Shakhrisabz underground water field”. The project will finance the reconstruction of water distribution centers, the reconstruction of existing water pipelines, and the construction of new water conduits for the urban and rural water distribution system.

The result of the project will be an increase in the standard of living, environment, and public health in the Kasan and Mubarek districts of the Kashkadarya region. The result of the project will be to improve and expand access to reliable, sustainable, and affordable water supply services in Kasan and Mubarek districts. Within the framework of the project, water pipelines, water distribution centers, water transmission and distribution, infrastructure will be restored and built to restore and provide drinking water services to residents in Kasan and Mubarek districts of Kashkadarya region.

Services delivered

The project will be implemented within two main phases, Phase-1: Detailed design and procurement, Phase-2: Supervision of construction and installation works.

The main locations are Tashkent and Karshi cities, and the project implementation site is Kasan and Mubarek districts of Kashkadarya region, as well as settlements adjacent to the water pipeline from the Kitab-Shakhrisabz underground water field. Hereby, the Consultant will organize his staff accordingly and will be responsible for the inspection and supervision of construction works, equipment installation, and testing to ensure that the works are performed and the goods are delivered in accordance with the projects, specifications, and terms and conditions as well as the terms of the relevant construction works and supply contracts. The consultant will ensure that the contracts for the purchase of goods, services, and construction work comply with the procedures and guidelines of the SFD, the OPEC Fund, and national laws as well.


Client: «Kommunkhizmat» is the Agency under the Ministry of Housing and Communal Services

Duration: 2020 – ongoing