E-textbook “Natural Resource Management and Sustainable Development”

Services delivered

The goal of the project is to create an electronic textbook, which consists of 11 training modules:
Module 1 “Fundamentals of a systematic outlook”;
Module 2 “Interaction of the environment and the development of humanity”;
Module 3 “The concept of sustainable development and rational environmental management”;
Module 4 “Adaptation to Climate Change”;
Module 5 “Sustainable Land Management”;
Module 6 “Integrated Water Resources Management”;
Module 7 Green Technologies;
Module 8 “Urban Management”;
Module 9 “Economic Mechanisms for Natural Resource Management”;
Module 10 “Legal Framework for Natural Resource Management”
Module 11 “Education for Sustainable Development”.

The total volume of the textbook is more than 700 printed pages of A4 format. Each module consists of 4-7 sections / chapters and has a common structure for the presentation of educational and informational material:
– Expected results;
– Key terms and concepts;
– Content;
– List of references;
– Test questions


Client: National University of Uzbekistan

Duration: 2016 – 2017