Water Resources Management in the Aral Sea Basin: Socio-Economic Survey


The primary objective of the socio-economic baseline survey is obtaining appropriate data for the establishment of baseline indicators for the project. It will also provide the basis for developing socio-economic and gender related elements of the project design. The survey will facilitate developing and establishing a monitoring and evaluation strategy and framework for project impact evaluation.

Services delivered

The survey is expected to provide adequate data for evaluating the socio-economic factors, and to develop proposals for the mitigation/elimination of negative impacts and risks for various social groups, particularly vulnerable groups (low-income families, women, children, etc.). As the project will improve irrigation water supply, special emphasis is placed on reviewing the current water supply situation, including reliability and accessibility for all water users. The baseline survey shall provide information required to qualitatively and quantitatively estimating the output, outcomes and impact indicators for the project.


Client: ADB

Duration: 2019 – 2020