Sustainable Hydropower Project


The project will construct three new run-of-river small-sized hydropower plants (HPPs), and provide capacity development for mini/micro HPPs development in the Republic of Uzbekistan. The three sub-projects are selected based on technical and economic viability, and prioritized in the national investment program. The project will contribute to increasing renewable energy and access to reliable energy, and building capacity for sustainable clean energy development.

Services delivered

The transaction technical assistance (TA) will help facilitate the implementation of the government’s hydro sector development strategy and integrate climate resilience in the hydropower development master plan with key activities as follows: (i) review and assess Uzbekistan’s hydropower sector and its long-term development plan with emphasis on resilience to climate change and water-energy security; (ii) formulate project selection criteria and assessment tools taking into account of technical, financial, environmental, and socio-economic characteristics and climate resilience; (iii) conduct due diligence on the planned hydropower projects and develop a new hydropower sector master plan based on the selection criteria; and (iv) conduct stakeholder consultations and workshop to disseminate the outcome and knowledge.

The master plan will further identify the short-term priority investment projects that are urgently needed for the improved reliability of power supply, which will eventually be included in the capital investment program of the government and Uzbekhydroenergo. To this end, the various stakeholders including related government authorities and donor partners will closely be consulted throughout the implementation of the TA and preparation of the master plan. The TA will assist in preparing the government’s investment plan, including the review of project readiness, potential safeguard issues, and financing sources. In the course of TA implementation, cooperation with neighboring countries will be sought under the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation Program (CAREC) with possible expansion into a regional cooperation agenda.

The expected outputs of the TA are as follows:

Output 1 – Climate resilience promoted in hydropower planning;

Output 2 – Capacity enhancement of Uzbekhydroenergo’s management.


Client: ADB

Duration: 2020 – ongoing