Study of Bad Bad Irrigation Canal in Samarkand


Study of Existing Maintenance Arrangements and Development of Detailed improvement Measures in Bad Bad Irrigation Canal in Samarkand Province

GTZ Transboundary Water Management in Central Asia (TWM CA) programme has provided funds for rehabilitation of Bad Bad Irrigation canal (BBIC) in Samarkand province, targeting improving of water use in this irrigation system.

Preliminary assessment of the BBIC have highlighted one of major problem of irrigation system is provision of proper maintenance. The proper maintenance of the hydraulic infrastructure of Samarkand province and elsewhere in Uzbekistan has been highly neglected since independence due to lack of funds for maintenance and due to missing support to involved institutions. Therefore, analysis and evaluation of existing maintenance system, preparation plan of measures on improving should become part of both on Bad Bad Irrigation Canal rehabilitation and IWRM activities.

GTZ has signed Consulting Services Agreement for conducting study of existing maintenance arrangements and preparing detailed improvement measures. The study included the following activities:

  • Project planning, review of existing project documentation
  • Conduct literature review on O&M: (i) Review international experience with regards to O&M problem; (ii) Review local experience
  • Meet with stakeholders and representatives of donor projects to discuss O&M arrangements in the investment projects. Review of legal framework on provision of maintenance for hydraulic infrastructure in Uzbekistan
  • Conduct a field visit to BBIC. Review of schematic overview and description of irrigation systems
  • Conduct inventory review of assets (structures, equipment, and etc) and assess the condition of major assets in the field
  • Conduct analysis of existing problems on maintenance provision; learn existing criteria for priority setting to conduct maintenance, review institutional structure of responsibilities for O&M. Assess current capacity of ISA
  • Develop Maintenance Concept (including maintenance & monitoring guidelines), conduct a field visit to BBIC and discuss maintenance concept
  • Develop Draft Final Report.


Client: GTZ

Duration: 2010