Sustainability of the National Protected Area System


Strengthening Sustainability of the National protected Area System by Focusing on Strictly Protected Areas

The main goal of this project was to prepare a management plan for the pilot Surkhan State Zapovednik, including buffer zone created as a model for other reserves in Uzbekistan. One important component of the management plan was to develop a sustainable financing plan with following tasks:

  • Conduct a detailed assessment of the current budgets, financing mechanisms, income sources and sustainability of representative protected areas in Uzbekistan
  • Review the range of financing mechanisms used for protected areas in other countries in regard to their potential applicability to Uzbekistan conditions
  • Provide an initial estimate of the overall costs for maintaining and managing protected areas in Uzbekistan
  • Analyze and spell out/report on all opportunities, constraints and feasibility of PA financing mechanisms with specific reference to the context of Uzbekistan, with explicit recommendations of what needs to be done to facilitate and optimize their implementation.


Client: GEF MSP PIMS 2111

Duration: 2010