Single System for Monitoring of Electricity Consumption at Pumping Stations


Preparation of Proposals for the Establishment of a Single System for monitoring of electricity consumption at pumping stations in real time in the Water Resource Management

Ensuring good working order and safe conditions, as well as modernization of pumping stations, units, vertical drainage and irrigation wells, substations, transformers, power lines, communications, automation and remote control equipment, motor vehicles that are on its balance, as well as reliable operation and development of energy and communication systems.

Services delivered

To achieve the aim, following tasks are set:

  • Characteristics of the current state of electricity consumption in the pumping stations in the Water Resource Management
  • Maintenance and modernization of transmission and communications lines, automation and remote control equipment on the BISA and ISA balance.Strict adherence to the water supply schedules established by BISAs, preventing oversupply of water.
  • Introduction of energy-saving and other resources saving technologies, maintaining accurate accounting and reporting of electricity produced and water supplied.


Client: Ministry of Water Resources of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Duration: 2019