Multi-country capacity building project in Central Asia


Multi-country capacity building project within Central Asian Countries Initiative for Sustainable Land Management

The Multi-country Capacity Building Project (MCB) is an initiative under the Central Asian Countries Initiative for Sustainable Land Management (CACILM) and is one of four related multi-country support projects under the CACILM Multi-country Framework Project (CMPF). The project objective is the following: “increased capacity at the national and multi-country levels to develop and implement an integrated approach and strategies to combat land degradation within an operational National Programming Framework.”

The project supports the CACs efforts to halt land degradation by enhancing the capability of each nation to execute their National Programming Frameworks. The project resulted in (a) increased policy coherence; (b) resources effectively mobilized for SLM; (c) improved interaction between state agencies and land users through increased human resources; and (d) developed and strengthened learning, dissemination, and replication of best practices in collaborative SLM.

One of its four components was to mainstream SLM principles into national policies and legislation in order to harmonise and integrate approaches and interventions as well as to promote a favourable institutional and investment environment for SLM.

The key objective of the consultancy was to draft a strategy for mainstreaming SLM in Uzbekistan. The aim was to develop a draft document that would be the basis for discussion among relevant stakeholders. Input from all stakeholders was considered essential in the mainstreaming process and the draft strategy was considered a starting point in the process.

The draft strategy is based on the analysis of the relevant policy, regulatory and incentive frameworks for SLM. The analysis of the national context and the mainstreaming strategy are components of the Integrated Financial Strategy (IFS) for SLM in Uzbekistan.


Client: GEF, UNDP, GTZ, GM

Duration: 2010