Modernization of Real Estate and Cadaster Registration Systems


Currently, coordinated work is carried out under Modernization of Real Property Registration and Cadastre (MRPRC) Project in Uzbekistan, to establish efficient and commonly accessible real property registration and cadastre systems based on the state-of-the-art technologies. They will obviously become an integral part of e-Government services in Uzbekistan and will benefit millions of citizen sand businesses.

Services delivered

Due to creating online accessible fully digital integrated real property register and cadastre system, respective administrative processes and procedures on land resources management will become more accountable, transparent and efficient for the public. To this effect, creating a multi-purpose information system is essential to ensure a single national comprehensive accounting and assessment of the natural and economic potential of the country, and its regions, operative provision of the state regulatory and administration authorities, legal entities and individuals with cadastral information necessary for their activities.

PAC Phase II will be also implemented in accordance with overall objectives of the project:

  • Inform the citizens on importance and effectiveness of real property rights registration;
  • Familiarize the citizens of the country with responsibilities of GKZGDK;
  • Inform the public on ongoing reforms in the field of real property rights registration;
  • Explain to citizens their rights and obligations with regardto real property rights registration;
  • Inform the citizens on importance and effectiveness of the real property cadastre and provide the information on new cadastral technologies;
  • Familiarize the citizens with digital data processing system principles;
  • Explain to the citizens the state fees calculating rules and services required for registration of rights to real property
  • Explain in detail to the citizens the possibilities for creating the rights to real property to be used for business purposes.


Client: ADB

Duration: 2019 – ongoing