Development of Basin Plans in Andijan and Kashkadarya regions


Development of Basin plans for the Shahrikhansay canal in Andijan region and the Aksu river in Kashkadarya region

The main purposes of this project was to overview the existing river basins in the pilot regions to select pilot river basins for further development of the Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) principles adopted into the river basin management plans. The development and integration of basin planning gives an opportunity to the water management (basin) organizations to carry out the complex analysis and assessment of the existing water management situation, to perform planning of water use for the basin on short term (2-3 years), medium term (5-7 years) and long term (10-15 years) prospects. In case of basin planning, possible tendencies of economic development, population forecasts, the increasing signs of impact of climate change and other influencing factors to the pools development are considered.

Services delivered

To achieve the aim, following tasks are set:

  • Analysis and evaluation of the current situation in the pilot regions
  • Development of Basin plans for the Shahrikhansay canal and the Aksu river under the EU and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)-sponsored program on “Sustainable Management of Water Resources in rural areas in Uzbekistan”
  • Formulating a vision and objectives: that is, spelling out the desired state of the basin over the long term, together with goals (preliminary objectives) and principles to achieve this over time.
  • Developing basin strategies: specifying a coherent suite of strategic objectives and outcomes related to protection, use, disaster management and institutional development, designed to achieve the vision.
  • Detailing the implementation: defining actions that give effect to the basin strategies should ultimately lead to the achievement of the vision and objectives.


Client: Ministry of Water Resources of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Duration: 2019