Climate Adaptive WRM in the Aral Sea Basin: Feasibility Study


Preparing the Climate Adaptive Water Resources Management in the Aral Sea Basin Sector Project Selection 153505 (Feasibility Design Services)

The project will increase agricultural water use productivity through a threefold approach: (i) climate resilient and modernized I&D infrastructure to improve measurement, control and conveyance within existing systems;1 (ii) enhanced and reliable on-farm water management including capacity building of water users, physical improvements for land and water management at the farm level and application of high level technologies for increased water productivity; and (iii) policy and institutional strengthening for sustainable water resources management. This will include strategic support to the Ministry of Water Resources (MWR) and its provincial, basin and district agencies, newly established water services agencies and water users.

Services delivered

Consultants are engaged to conduct the project feasibility study (PFS) and conceptual design for selected core sub-projects.

The technical assistance (TA) will support the government to prepare subproject feasibility studies of representative I&D subprojects to be developed under the ensuing sector loan. These studies will identify proposed interventions and include technical (engineering design) and environmental, social and economic and financial assessments.2 It will identify suitable actions for gender inclusiveness in water resources management, decision making and income generation. The TA will identify requirements for developing a road map for, better strategy, policy and institutional alignment for improved water resources management (from the river basin to on-farm water management) including opportunities for introducing technologies in the irrigation and drainage network and on-farm level. It will also highlight areas for capacity building support in technical, procurement, financial management, etc. for relevant project agencies.


Client: ADB

Duration: 2019 – ongoing