Building of high voltage line 500kv Talimarjan – Sogdiana


The Uzbekistan power transmission network has 1,850 km of 500kV lines, 6,200 km of 220kV lines, and 15,300 km of 110kV lines. Given the growth of demand, with its associated increase in overloading, as well as the aging infrastructure, the transmission system has experienced high losses and frequent, long power outages in particular provinces of the country. Bottlenecks are becoming a serious problem in supplying reliable and uninterrupted power to the customers. The World Bank (WB) is proposing to finance a new substation at the Talimarjan TPP and a 500kV transmission line from the new substation at Talimarjan TPP to the existing Sogdiana Substation (218 km) passing the territory of Samarkand (87 km) and Kashkadarya (131 km) provinces. Talimarjan substation was planned to construct on the boundary of Talimarjan TPP on an existing land to be transferred from the local administration to Talimarjan TPP.

Reviewed Existing Policy, Legal and Administrative Framework related to Transmission Line which is one of the important components of the project.


Client: Wold Bank

Duration: 2010