Author: Sanjar Khafizov, Consultant of «Info Capital Group». In 1995, he graduated from the Andijan State University – Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, 2001 Uzbek Research Institute of Education Sciences – Department of postgraduate teaching and informatics techniques, PhD. Author of over 50 publications on the implementation and improvement of ICT in education. Sanjar Khafizov is the developer of many computer ICT training programs. He has extensive experience as a consultant in ADB projects, UNESCO, as well as state programs for the development and improvement of ICT in Uzbekistan.


Media in a modern society is considered to be as a global resource of the world’s population. Undoubtedly, information technology is so deeply penetrated into the life of modern people, that isolate them from the general cultural and ideological context is not possible. However, increases not only positive but also negative influence on the audience information media that consumes this information.

In modern conditions of development of society it is important to form at school a critical attitude towards the media, the culture of conscious perception and media data estimates. Using the term “critical attitude to the media.” we mean no criticism of something, and critical analysis of information, analysis of the information on the truthfulness, human skill that consumes this information to find hidden promises and manipulative elements in it…

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