Public Awareness Campaign on Promoting E-Services Through the Single Portal of Interactive State Services (SPISS) is the component of project E-Government for Effective Public Management Project Technical Assistance TA8260-UZB and during 2017 financed by ADB.

Today, the development of e-government in Uzbekistan is one of the priorities in the governmental reforms and is considered as the main leverage for ensuring the government’s transparency. The state bodies are improving their work in terms of provision of e-services in digital format.

The ADB’s Technical Assistance TA8260-UZB (TA) “E-Government for Effective Public Management Project” has supported the efforts of the Government of Uzbekistan in promotion of e-government and state services among the population and in the media through the active promotion of e-services at the SPISS.

In general, the project covered the following activities:

а) study of the situation with the promotion of e-services through the SPISS;

b) promotion of one pilot service, in particular, property registration;

с) capacity building for further promotion of e-services;

d) assistance to PR-service of EGDC in organizational work, methodology and daily activities.

е) upon the request of national partners preparation of video clip on development of E-Gov in  Uzbekistan to be represented at the international meetings.

To ensure the project sustainability, the consulting company has proposed and implemented the additional work:

а) development of checklists for representatives of the state bodies dealing with the promotion of online state services that will allow to systematize and promote e-services at all stages, i.e. from development to launch;

b) introduction of new topics on promotion of e-services in the curriculum of Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, where managers from all regions of the country are trained;

с) analytical work on amending the legislative documents directly related to the activities of the press services of the state bodies and affect the promotion of e-services;

d) development of the Guidance on Promotion of E- State Services through the SPISS. Introductory fragment of available by following links: 1. Pages_from Guidence in Russian. 2. Pages_from_Guidence in Uzbek;


In accordance with the Terms of Reference (ToR), a certain work has been carried out to analyze and evaluate the current practice of public awareness on development of the E- services in the PR-service of the SPISS and in 10 agencies. Based on e-services promotion analysis results, the problem issues have been identified restricting a promotion of the e-services, along with main activity directions of the press-services of the state bodies; their public awareness practice on e-services; channels used for external communication; the information submission forms; achievements, and inter-state and internal interaction mechanisms, followed by development of recommendations.

As for the pilot service, a number of organizational and consulting activities have been implemented, on the basis of which specific cases were identified along with organizational aspects related to inter-state and internal interaction restricting the active coverage and public awareness of the e-services.