Author:  Narboy Gaipnazarov- PhD on technical sciences, Consultant “Info Capital Group”, one of the leading specialists in irrigation and drainage, sustainable water management and land resources in Uzbekistan. In 1985, he graduated from the Tashkent Institute of Irrigation Mechanization Engineers in the specialty “hydraulic engineer”. In 1992. Central Asian Research Institute of Irrigation – awarded the academic degree “Candidate of Technical Sciences.” N. Gaipnazarov is the author of numerous research publications, as well as practical recommendations on water use in Uzbekistan.

Ирригационня система

The Uzbek government has identified water user associations (WUAs) as the Institute for Exploitation of the management and maintenance of irrigation and drainage systems in the disbanded shirkats, prompting state authorities and donor organizations to actions related to the formation and development of WUAs.

The effectiveness of capacity-building and reforms, as well as rational use of natural resources capacity, mainly depends on the rational organization of water management and technical operation of irrigation and drainage system on the lower level of the irrigation system, i.e., from sustainable WUA functioning.

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