The success story of the program of UNESCO for the implementation of educational and information technologies of the XXI century in Uzbekistan.

Author: Sanjar Hafizov, Consultant of «Info Capital Group». In 1995, he graduated from the Andijan State University – Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, 2001 Uzbek Research Institute of Education Sciences – Department of postgraduate teaching and informatics techniques, PhD. Author of over 50 publications on the implementation and improvement of ICT in education. Sanjar Hafizov is the developer of many computer ICT training programs. He has extensive experience as a consultant in ADB projects, UNESCO, as well as state programs for the development and improvement of ICT in Uzbekistan.


We are all aware that it is necessary to prepare young people to, to be successful in a knowledge-based economy of the XXI century. To achieve this goal it is necessary to help students develop high-level thinking skills necessary to reach their full capacity.

Intel Corporation, working productively with teachers around the world, embodies one of the most effective and successful education initiatives. Intel Education Initiative includes several programs for primary, secondary, higher and further education. A joint project of the Intel Corporation, UNESCO (Tashkent) and the Ministry of Public Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the field of secondary education is one of the successful examples of the implementation of cooperation in the field of education for the professional development of teachers.

Before each participant of the training was the same question, what kind of technology, methods, techniques, relevant to their professional interests and to put into practice the teaching, and how to always be what is called “riding the wave” to be worthy of the teacher ranks, “leading hand”?

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