Author: Iskhakova Mavluda Rakhmanovna, consultant of “Info Capital Group”. In 1982 she graduated from the Tashkent State Pedagogical Institute named after Nizami, specialty “Pedagogy and methodology of elementary education”. For more than 30 years of experience in the field of education, where she has achieved a lot of success and awards. Mavlyuda Iskhakova is the author of numerous scientific and methodical works, guidelines and manuals, programs and monographs on methods of teaching and methodological support.


XXI – the century of high computer technologies. A graduate of the modern school, who will live and work in the coming millennium in the post-industrial society, should be able to independently and actively act to make decisions flexibly adapt to the changing conditions of life. It is obvious that through using only traditional teaching methods, it is impossible to solve this problem.

Noting particularly advantageous use of ICT in the classroom in elementary schools:

  • reduced time in the development of technical skills of students;
  • increasing the number of training tasks;
  • An optimal pace of student work;
  • Easily achieved tier differentiation of instruction;
  • The student becomes the subject of study because the program requires active management;
  • Training materials can be provided from remote databases using telecommunications means;
  • Dialogue with the program assumes the character of educational games, and the majority of children increases the motivation of educational activity.

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